"I have no words to express how much all of us- all my family owe you for all your efforts that you put in Russia. All of my family was saved at your conference in 1991 in Moscow. First me and my wife being university students attended your conference and were saved, baptized in water and Holy Spirit! And we took this fire to our student campus in Moscow and then many students of our university were saved! It was a real revival there."

Then my younger brother attended your conference in the Ukraine. He also was saved there and brought this Holy Fire to his university in the Ukraine. Many university students at his campus were saved and joined the church! And the church grew up in two times in 6 months- from 200 of old people to 400 of young people. Old people became younger when youth joined the church!

My Mom came to your next conference in Moscow and was saved and went home back to the Ukraine and brought my father to salvation. Now many of her students at her music college are saved, attend church, and serving there at the church praise and worship group. And my father conducts the team!

And even now, when I became a grown man 33 years old, and still in ministry in Moscow, and when my younger brother became a second pastor of his church, being called to be a youth leader- for all of us the faith, you implanted in us, is still a fuel to go on to serve our so beautiful and wonderful Lord Jesus Christ, who we didn’t know and who you brought here in Russia, in Ukraine, and in our hearts…
We are forever grateful to you Bob and Rose"

Egor, Fedor, Natalie, Boris
Moscow, Russia

peter wagnerf.jpg“Through many, many years Bob Weiner has been one of my heroes of the faith. I am amazed at his giftedness, his energy, his stamina, his vision, and his wisdom. Few people have raised up laborers for the harvest in the quantity and quality that Bob has. I am excited about his strategy to see one million young people entering God’s army full time! This will be a transforming force for our nation!”

--Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor - Wagner Leadership Institute

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