Save Income and Capital Gains Taxes
When giving to charity most people think of writing a check, yet transfers of appreciated assets can be more beneficial for you. If you have held assets (such as stocks and bonds) for more than one year and they have appreciated in value, you can transfer them to Weiner Ministries and save in taxes. You will not only get a tax deduction on the current value of the asset, but you also avoid capital gains taxes.

For example, say you bought a block of stock for $1,000 a few years ago and it is now worth $2,500. canadian-pharm24.netIf you transfer the stock to a ministry (instead of selling it and giving the cash), you will get a $2,500 deduction and avoid the capital gains tax on the $1,500 increase in value. This is a great example of better stewardship and a multiplication of talents. You only invested $1,000, but you are giving $2,500 to the work of the kingdom and reducing your taxable income $2,500. You basically received an extra $1,500 tax reduction, and the ministry received an extra $1,500, for free.



If You Sell the Shares Then Give

If You Transfer and Give the Shares

Market Value



Original Cost



Tax You Pay on $1,500 Appreciation


$ -0-

Income Tax You Pay


$ -0-

Income Tax Deduction



Gift Value to WMI, after taxes paid



(Example assumes shares owned for more than 12 months. Donor is in 28% tax bracket, 20% gains tax rate and 5% state income tax rate. Tax rates may vary from state to state.)


The best method of transferring appreciated assets, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate, depends on how they are held by you. It is important to avoid selling the assets and then making a gift of the proceeds, because this will trigger a capital gains liability for you. Please contact the Weiner Ministries Contributor Relations office first to discuss the best method of transferring assets.

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