1. Partner with 100 major leaders  in the top 100 university cities We will train their leaders to reach the university in their city. Each leader will commit to believe God to win 500 students at their universities this year. A number of outstanding leaders have already committed to do this. Others are praying about making this commitment right now. This would give us the potential of 50,000 new converts from the top universities in America that can be mobilized for the harvest.

  2. Believe for 1 million Christian young people a year from around the world to give one year of their life after their graduation from high school or college to preach the gospel. and reach high school and university students in their community, the United States and around the world. These young people will be supported and sent out by their own local church. We want to ask every Christian mom and dad to encourage their Christian young person to make this Year of Dedication. (Mormon youth do it for 2 years)

    There are 700 million Charismatic/Pentecostal Christians in the world today-350 million of these are under 25 years of age. There is a good chance that at least 10% will be graduating every year. Out of this group we believe that at least 1 million young people if challenged could commit to at least one year to preach the gospel to help fulfill Christ's great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

  3. Believe God for 1 million Christian's homes where these young people can stay during their Year of Dedication and ministry around the World. This will provide their food and lodging with Christian parents to provide love and guidance.

  4. Target Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Schools with Covenants with God. We have been traveling to New England for the last three years to help prepare for the awakening that is coming. We already have an apartment at Harvard and have been working there many weekends since July of last year.

  5. Hold training conferences across the United States. We will hold regional training conferences to train the harvesters and new converts. We will also hold a training conference at the end of the year with potentially 10,000's of new students that have been born again.

  6. Mobilize 1 million intercessors around the world to pray for laborers. Jesus said, "The harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers into His harvest"(Matt. 9:37-38). We have already talked to many major ministries that want to join us to help mobilize this army.

  7. Intercessor's Scholarship Fund - Each intercessor will give $10 or more a month to a scholarship fund that will be held in a central fund for the body of Christ. The goal is to ultimately provide 10,000 yearly scholarships of $12,000 for six months-$120 million a year. This will help the young ministers get started to a lifetime of full time work.

carlwifef.jpg"Bob and Rose Weiner are, in the truest sense of the term,

movers and shakers around the world. They move whole nations through their powerful faith ministry. They also ignite faith in others. Their ministry in Russia and China is the stuff of which legends are made. It is a special privilege to know them."

--Dr. Carl Richardson, International Evangelist

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