A robed figure called Faith stands at the top of the Forefather’s Memorial; the up-raised forefinger symbolizes the Pilgrim’s faith in God—one way to God through Jesus Christ. Faith gazes across the ocean in an eastern direction in nautical miles directly toward England and the port of the Pilgrim’s departure. Faith is depicted as a woman and there is no formation of the iris in the eyes because she represents an internal quality of spirit.

peter wagnerf.jpg“Through many, many years Bob Weiner has been one of my heroes of the faith. I am amazed at his giftedness, his energy, his stamina, his vision, and his wisdom. Few people have raised up laborers for the harvest in the quantity and quality that Bob has. I am excited about his strategy to see one million young people entering God’s army full time! This will be a transforming force for our nation!”

--Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor - Wagner Leadership Institute

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