On Faith’s head is a crown with one star. In biblical imagery, the star symbolizes the promised seed of Abraham—God told Abraham that his seed would be “like the stars of the heaven” and God promised that through “Abraham’s seed all the nations of the earth would be blessed.” Paul tells that through faith in Christ Jesus we are “Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.” (Gen. 26:4, Gal. 3:26). The crown of one star also points to the transformed mind of the believer. Through the revelation of the word of God, the mind is renewed and the person is transformed into image of Christ. Jesus is called the Morning Star. The scriptures say that those who believe have “the mind of Christ.”

untitled-3.jpg"I have never met any man in the ministry like Bob Weiner. Every message is a missile aimed at the heart of believers and preachers alike. Bob's unique ministry of faith and vision is unparalleled in the Body of Christ. At this year's Global Strategy Conference he ministered powerfully to all our international delegates and our local leaders. I recommend Bob highly."

--Wendell and Gini Smith, Senior Pastor - The City Church - Seattle, WA

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