The Bible under Faith’s arm represents the Geneva Bible, known as the Bible of the Reformation, which the Pilgrims brought with them from England. This was the first Bible divided into chapters and verses in the history of the world. Before the Reformation, not only were people forbidden to read the Bible by the religious authorities, it was written in Latin and most were uneducated and unable to read it. Luther first translated the Bible into German, followed by those who also translated the Bible from Latin into English. The translators were persecuted and hunted and some were killed as common criminals. The Bible was purchased by the blood of the saints, and the Pilgrims treasured it.

rickjoynerf.jpg"Bob and Rose Weiner's Bible Studies have helped countless thousands of new believer's become established on sound Biblical truth. We have also found that believers of all ages have benefited greatly from them. Many even go through them once a year to strengthen their foundations. It is understandable that they are now considered a standard for such studies."

--Rick Joyner - Morningstar Ministries and Publications

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