View of God

1. Man centered:Point of contact with non-Christian is love (God loves you).
Therefore, God’s authority is secondary.

2. God centered:Point of contact with non-Christians is creation (God loves you and made you). Therefore, God has authority over your destiny.

1. Man centered:Love is God’s chief attribute.

2. God centered: Holiness and love are equally important attributes of God.

1. Man centered:God is impotent before the sinner's will.

2. God centered: God is able to empower the sinner's will.

1. Man centered:God is a friend who will help you.

2. God centered:God is a merciful King who will save you and calls you into sonship and friendship.

View of Humanity

1. Man centered:Fallen, yet has the ability or potential to choose the good.

2.God centered:Fallen, but not able to come to God unless the Spirit draws him.

1. Man centered:Seeks truth but lacks facts.

2. God centered:Mind at enmity with God; none seek God.

1. Man centered: Needs, love, help, and friendship.

2. God centered: Needs a new nature (new heart) regeneration.

1. Man centered: Makes mistakes, is imperfect, needs forgiveness.

2. God centered:Rebel’s against God, has a sinful nature, needs reconcilliation and redemption.

1. Man centered: Needs salvation from the consequences of sin—unhappiness and hell.

2. God centered: Needs salvation from guilt and the power of sin.

1. Man centered:Humanity is sick and ignorant.

2.God centered: Humanity is dead and lost.

View of Christ

1. Man centered: Savior from selfishness, mistakes, hell.

2. God centered:Savior from sin and sinful nature and the idolatry of self.

1.Man centered: God exists for our benefit.

2.God centered:God exists to gather a kingdom, to receive honor and glory, and to birth sons and daughters and bring them into His image.

1. Man centered:His death was more important than his life.

2. God centered:His death land his life of obedience equally important.

1. Man centered: Emphasizes his priestly office—as Savior.

2. God centered:Emphasizes his priestly, kingly, and prophetic offices.

1.Man centered:Submission to Christ’s Lordship is optional for salvation.

2. God centered: Submission to Christ’s Lordship is necessary for salvation.

View of Response to Christ

1. Man centered: Invitation waiting to be accepted now.

2.God centered: Loving command to be obeyed now.

1.Man centered: Our choice is the basis for salvation God—God responds to our decision.

2.God centered:God’s choice is the basis for salvation; we respond to God's initiative.

1. Man centered:We give mental assent to the truths of the Gospel—decision.

2. God centered:We respond with our whole person (mind, heart, and will) transformation.

1. Man centered: Appeal is made to the desires of the sinner.

2. God centered:Truths are driven home into the conscience of the sinner.

1. Man centered: Saved by faith alone, no emphasis on repentance.

2. God centered:Saved by faith alone—always accompanied by repentance.

1.Man centered: Assurance of salvation comes from a counselor using the promises of God and pronouncing the new believer saved.

2. God centered: Assurance of salvation comes from inner witness of the Holy Spirit giving the inner knowledge of God, revealing Jesus Christ and biblical promises to the heart, and effecting a changed life.

1. Man centered: Sinners have the key in their hands.

2. God centered:God has the key to their hearts.

dr.shibley.jpgThe Weiner's congress "Born Again '97" held in the nation of India was one of the greatest ministry opportunities of my life! Bob, I truly believe your congress will go down as a landmark event toward the evangelization of India. The entire Body of Christ is indebted to you and Rose for your faith and vision that made this conference a reality."

--Dr. David Shibley - Founder, Global Advance

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