WEINER MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL is a ministry dedicated to establishing the Kingdom of God on earth through evangelism, world-missions, reaching university students with the gospel, church planting, and leadership training. Our goal is to win, build, equip and send laborers into the harvest fields to make disciples of all nations.


The Decade of the 70's - 80's

sc0008aa97.jpgGod's grace and strength has enabled Bob and Rose Weiner to touch many lives through the calling of God and the ministries that they have founded and supported. Bob and Rose Weiner were swept into the kingdom of God during a time of spiritual awakening in America that came to be known as the Jesus Movement. At that time the Lord called them to be missionaries to the youth of America. They had a strong burden to bring the knowledge of personal salvation and the Spirit-filled life that was engulfing the young people in California to the southeastern States.

God gave them a revival among the youth in Kentucky. In an effort to disciple those young converts and help them grow spiritually, God led Bob and Rose to found Maranatha Churches and Campus Ministries (1972-1989). This ministry was an evangelical outreach to university students with locations on 150 campuses in 20 nations.

Maranatha was one of the first groups during the decades of the 70's & 80's to plant Spirit-filled churches on university campuses. This ministry focused on Christ's great commission to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptize them, and teach them to observe all that I have commanded you" (Matt. 28:19-20).

Bob and Rose have taken seriously Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations. This will have great social implications and includes 3 Rs-Revival, Reformation of society, and Restoration of the New Testament Church. The foundation of this discipleship is to be built on personal salvation and kingdom living-true repentance in turning away from all sin, submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in self-surrender, baptism in water, and baptism in the Holy Spirit. (Daniel make it possible to click on Revival, Reformation of Society and Restoration of the New Testament church.)

Bob and Rose Weiner are the co-authors of several Bible-study and spiritual growth books widely acclaimed in the Christian market and sold worldwide. Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation, their first study guide, has been printed in over twenty languages. (Daniel here click on bible and spiritual growth books as well as bible studies for a Firm foundation to take you to the books at the store)

The Decade of the 90's
Moscow/ Soviet block

Bob first went to the former Soviet Union in 1990. As he stood looking at Lenin's tomb, a young man came up to him and tapped him on the shoulder and asked, "Do you speak English." Bob responded, "Yes, why do you ask?" The young man explained that he was a part of a group of 200 Russian young people who had been selected through a contest to come to the United Sates with all expenses paid to learn more about Christianity. When Bob learned from this young man that the church sponsoring this was the Unification Church of Sun Young Moon, Bob was heartbroken.

After explaining to this young man that this group was a false cult, Bob cried out, "Lord where are the apostles to establish your church." The Lord spoke to him, "You are it. I have chosen you." Bob argued with the Lord and said, "Lord since our decentralization I only have my wife, one secretary, and no laborers, and no money. What can I do?" The Lord told Bob, "I want you to train tens of thousands of young people to win 10 souls each. If they do a good job with 10, I'll give them 20, then 50, then 100, then thousands.

To accomplish this task the Lord gave Bob a strategy. Bob called all the bishops of the underground church as well as the few Spirit filled churches that were there and told them to send their most dedicated young people to be interviewed for a mission. Two hundred young people came, and out of these he found 20 who qualified.

Bob then sent these 20 out-2 by 2-to 300 cities and all major universities. They were instructed to find one person from each city or university who had experienced a radical encounter with God. After two and a half months, they were to come back to Moscow with one person from each city or university to a Bible conference in Moscow with all expenses paid. Those 300 came and were baptized in water and filled with the Holy Spirit.

They were then trained to go out and win souls. They were challenged to win 10 people to the Lord in 10 weeks, start a small cell group, and then bring their new converts back to Moscow for a Bible conference with all expenses paid. These Christian workers were given so many bibles and bible study materials that they could hardly carry them.

During this time, these 300 young people won 4,000 people to Jesus and were able to bring 2,500 of them back to Moscow for the Bible conference. There in the heart of Moscow, in a nation once dedicated to spreading atheism throughout the world, over 600 of these young people in attendance were publicly baptized in the swimming pool built for former Olympic athletes.

Bob and Rose sent these delegates back to 12 times zones to win others and start cell groups. Every month Bob and Rose held a conference and went back to the states to raise money for the next one. At each conference the delegates were sent out to preach, start cell groups and bring their new converts back. These conferences were held every month for two years. Then over the next few years they held these training conferences every two months, then every quarter. The majority of those who attended these conferences were new converts to Christianity.
Bob and Rose founded Christian Youth International as the Russian arm of their ministry. Over a period of 10 years Bob and Rose held over 54 conferences, bringing eminent Apostolic church planters and Bible teachers to help train these young people. Over 50,000 young people were trained to make disciples.
Through their supporters and partners, the Weiners were able to provide training conferences, Bibles, all the Bible-study books and educational materials, hotel accommodations, and meals for these students. God multiplied this ministry. As a result, many of these students went to back to evangelize their cities and campuses and today have started thousands cell groups and churches all over the former Soviet Union many with congregations of thousands. God fulfilled His promise and trusted multitudes into the care of these faithful disciples in the fromer Soviet Union. The awakening still continues.


Bob and Rose now turned their vision to India to a nation of 1.1 billion people that had only 1½% of the population that claimed to be Christians. Bob was led to hold Born Again '97-the largest congress for Christian students in the history of India up to that time.

The fruit of this effort led to 12,400 university students being accepted to attend the Born Again congress out of 100,000 applications. God moved miraculously. Eight thousand students were filled with the Holy Spirit at one time, and 6000 came forward to commit to full-time ministry after their graduation. With the help of those who partnered with Bob and Rose for this Indian mission, God provided 60,000 hotel rooms, 300,000 meals and 20,000 Bibles for equipping these young people. Many of these young people are now engaged in Christian work all over India.


When Bob first went to Indonesia in the ‘80's, religious freedom was limited. As a consequence, Christians could only meet together in fellowship groups. The government did not officially recognize or allow these groups to be Christian churches.

Through Indonesian international students who were won to the Lord Jesus through Maranatha Campus Ministries in the States, Bob was able to get official status as a church. As a result, religious liberty spread and the doors were opened for all the other Christian fellowships to be officially recognized by the government to start their own churches as well.

During the 1999 Indonesia crisis, when nearly all Western missionaries left the country because of rioting, God called Bob and Rose to support and train thousands of workers for church planting.
Bob has held numerous conferences since, and has a vision of one million students saved and established in churches in the next five years.
The New Millennium, 2000 A. D. and Beyond
After the school massacre in Littleton, Colorado, Bob and Rose felt the Lord leading them to focus their attention on high school students in the United States. Through "Rock America Torch Rallies," held in 2001 in 31 cities, Bob and Rose sounded a call for revival to the youth of America. They declared the need for true faith and challenged these teenagers to holiness and evangelism, teaching them how to reach the lost and disciple new believers.
Bob and Rose challenged these young people to come to Washington DC to participate in The Call, a non-denominational Christian gathering being put together by Lu Engle and sponsored by a number of Christian groups. The purpose of the Call was to call Christians to repentance and to ask God to send a spiritual awakening to our nation.
Over the last few years Bob has visited many churches across the United States preaching the Lordship of Christ, calling Christians to make a commitment to evangelize and disciple their communities through cell group multiplication.
Obeying God's call to leadership, Bob serves on the Executive Board or Board of Governors of: Charismatic Bible Ministries International, Association of International Mission Services (AIMS), the Facilitation Committee for Mission America, and Rick Joyner's Morningstar Ministries.
Today, Bob and Rose are responding to God's call to reach and train university students, to help establish and strengthen New Testament churches, to work for the Reformation of society and the discipleship of nations, and to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God throughout the world.

john_bevere.jpg"The most successful churches and ministries I have seen today are reaching out to raise up the youth. Bob and Rose Weiner are having a direct impact on the next generation and youth all over the world are being trained to be leaders and world changers for Christ. Through their ministry, you will be charged and encouraged to reach out to the ‘sons and daughters’ spoken of by the Prophet Joel."

--John Bevere - Author / Speaker - Messenger International

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